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Why become an apprentice?

Open a world of opportunities, gain practical experience in your chosen field and earn while you learn.

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are structured training programmes that combine practical on-the-job experience with classroom learning. They are designed to train you in a specific skill or profession, providing you with the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to excel in their chosen field. You'll be employed from the start of the programme, allowing you to earn a wage while learning and developing your skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

A significant portion of your time is spent working alongside our employees, gaining valuable hands-on experience in real-world situations. You'll spend time carrying out formal education and training, which may be at a college or virtually.

Apprentices vary in length depending on the programme. Cory's apprenticeships are typically four years for engineering subjects, but shorter in other parts of the business. At the end of your apprenticeship, you'll complete an end point assessment and receive qualifications and certificates to mark your achievements and skill level.

If you're successful, you may be offered a permanent position with Cory, but this is not guaranteed.

Information for parents and guardians

Apprenticeships offer a unique blend of education and hands-on training, and present a viable alternative to traditional academic paths. They enable individuals to step into the workforce, earn a competitive wage and learn a trade or profession under the mentorship of experienced professionals, all while avoiding the significant debt often associated with a university education.

The appeal of apprenticeships lies in their practical nature. Apprentices gain theoretical knowledge but also learn to apply it in real-world settings, enhancing the learning experience and providing apprentices with a clear pathway to career progression and financial independence.

It is reassuring for parents to know that apprenticeships are highly regulated and designed to meet stringent educational and training standards. Apprentices are supported tbroughout their journey, receiving guidance from both their employers and educational support from training institutions.

At Cory, we employ a dedicated Apprenticeships Manager whose role is to ensure that we deliver quality education to all our apprentices, while ensuring the apprentice receives the best standard of care while studying towards their qualification.

Meet the apprentices

  • I went to university and got my degree but couldn't get a job afterwards. I've learnt more practical skills on my apprenticeship than I did in three years of university study.


    Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, Belvedere

  • Cory offers the training that will help me learn and progress in my role. There are plenty of progression opportunities and I can gain the knowledge and skills to become a mechanical fitter.


    Mechanical Engineering Apprentice Belvedere

  • I chose an apprenticeship because it gives me college training and the practical on-the-job experience for my career as a marine engineer.

    It's great to learn from my colleagues' decades of experience.

    Tyler, Marine Engineering Apprentice

    Marine Engineering Apprentice Charlton

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