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The Application Process

If you've never applied for a job before, it can be a daunting process.

We're here to help. Here are some hints and tips on how to make a strong impression every step of the way.

Research the company

Understand the company's mission and values. Visit the company's website, especially any 'About Us' section, to learn about the company's mission, vision and values. This will give you insight into the company culture.

Explore recent news. Look for recent news articles, press releases or blog posts to understand the company's current projects, achievements and challenges. This can provide valuable talking points during interviews.

Use LinkedIn. Check out the company's LinkedIn page and other social media. This can give you an insight into the background and skills valued by the company.

Application tips

Tailor your CV and cover letter. For an apprenticeship role, make sure your academic qualifications (especially GCSEs) are clearly highlighted with grades. Make sure you show enthusiasm about why you're a great fit for an apprenticeship.

Don't worry about experience. For an apprenticeship, we're not looking for a fully-formed candidate. Show your enthusiasm and interest in the role. If you've volunteered anywhere or done any sort of work, make sure it's included on your CV and/or cover letter.

Professional email address. Is your email address professional? Make sure it's one that includes your name to make a good first impression.

Attention to detail. Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes in your application? Attention to detail really matters.

Recruitment Stages

We recruit in lots of different ways for our apprentices at Cory.

For a typical apprenticeship, you'll go through the initial application and virtual interview stages. There may be one or two other stages after these.

Don't be put off by the descriptions - we really want you to succeed in your application and do the best you can!

Initial application

You'll apply using our recruitment system, where we'll ask you to choose which apprenticeship(s) you're interested in, upload a CV and cover letter. See the hints and tips.

Online virtual interview

You'll receive an email with a link to complete a virtual interview. The good news is that you can do these at a time to suit you.

Find a quiet place and relax. Our system lets you record your answers to your questions as many times as you like until you're happy.

As you're on video, make sure you look smart (we don't expect you to wear a suit) and the background is not distracting.

Online testing

For some apprenticeships, we might you ask to complete an online test. These usually your and English ability. Sometimes, they look at other relevant points, e.g. safety awareness.

You'll get instructions from the testing company that we use. You can usually practise these tests before you take them.

Visit to Cory

We might run a session where you'll come to the site to meet the managers, find out more about the apprenticeship and even meet current apprentices. Sometimes, these are virtual (using Zoom/Teams).

We're looking for people who are really interested and engaged, so it's your chance to ask lots of questions.

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre can be a full or half day. You'll be here with several other candidates, and will go through different activities, include an interview, group exercise, site tour and practical tests.

Make sure you're engaged on the day and ask questions. Try and support the other candidates as well - there may be more than one apprenticeship available, so team work is important.

Face to face interview

This is your chance to make a personal connection. Arrive early, dress appropriately.

Research the company and try to think what questions you might be asked. Practise your answers to those questions.

Think about questions to ask the interviewers as well - there'll be plenty of opportunities for you to do this.

Start your application today!

Applications will be processed in the order they're received, so start your application today!

You'll be asked which apprenticeship(s) you're interested in - you can apply to any of our open positions. Don't forget to check out the other apprenticeships that we're offering.